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Doing our work, we come across many animals with mild to significant health and/or behavioral issues. Often people are unable or unwilling to deal with these animals due to lack of information or just plain apathy.

In the past and even today, traditional shelter and rescue policies call for euthanizing these unfortunates to save limited resources for those more easily adoptable in order to create space for more homeless animals. Fortunately, an increasing number of animal welfare groups are recognizing what we do; that this mindset is counter-productive in the battle to end pet homelessness. Until value is given each and every rescue animal, we will never be motivated to do whatever it takes to turn things around for tens of millions of suffering, homeless animals. Accepting responsibility for what we have created, and acknowledging what it will take to fix is where we must get to in order to start preventing the needless deaths of millions of feeling, sentient beings every year.

River Song Foundation has had a lot of success placing animals that have suffered trauma through neglect, abuse, and abandonment. we are always looking for people willing to provide an environment of patience and understanding for one or more challenged cats or dogs, (or?) and help them to regain health, trust, and the joy of being a loved pet.

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster for specially challenged cats, or other animals, please contact us through one of the following options:

Phone: 503-861-2003

Address: PO Box 44, Hammond, OR 97121


Sadly, sometimes an animal has a very poor prognosis and little hope for any quality of life, and we must make the difficult choice to have them humanely euthanized. It is always a sad day when that happens, and beside the sadness is the frusration and even anger that this should have had to happen.

Please help us spread the word that no animal should suffer because of lack of resources or the knowledge of such resources. Help with spay and neuter and other veterinary needs is available. If we can’t help, we will find out who can!